DropSci Giants – littleONES

Indie (March 23, 2010)
Review by Ahnon Knomis

According to hhhdb.com DropSci Giants is the collaboration started by Mellow Drum Addict in 2007 along with reSEARCH, Microphone Astronaut, Common Child and DJ Shorttop. However, according to their myspace page the debut project from the crew littleONES consisted of Common Child, Jupiter7, reSEARCH and Paradox.

“littleONES” is a 8-song EP, with production by Beat Rabbi (Deepspace5), Sean P., DJ Frantic, SameOldJake and others. Guest appearances from Wonder Brown (Scribbling Idiots), Nickels (Lojique/Oldominion), Sean P., Mellow Drum Addict and Micronaut. The project drops through a joint arrangement with ShadowFacts Records who handles the physical distribution and End of Earth Records on the digital distribution.

Highlights on the album included some good production by the notable contributors named above as well as what you’ve come to expect from previous releases by reSEARCH and Paradox. Both of these artists I’ve reviewed here on Sphere so be sure to check those out for further insight. The dark gritty beats on littleONES seamed to compliment the artists unique rhyme patterns and although there wasn’t content out of the ordinary on this album hearing how different artists work with one another is always good to experience.

As a crew, you get a chance to experience these artists on the same project which may lend to their individual releases had you dug what you’ve heard and seek to check out more.

“antrhAPOLOGY” featuring Wonder Brown was a stand out track to me. The beat was on some old funky boom bap soul tip and everyone including the always solid Wonder Brown brought their A game to the mic.

My gripe with an EP is always the short track list but its a good introduction to the crew and will help get the discussions moving on message boards and review sites within the genre. Cas Metah seamed pretty excited about the crew as I’ve heard mention on a few episodes of the Sphere podcast and between those spins and the free downloads on the Sphere downloads page or a Google search you’re sure to find enough resources to make a decision if this is for you.

For fans of: reSEARCH, Paradox, Common Child, Sean P, Braille, Wonder Brown, Mellow Drum Addict, Cas Metah, Motion Plus

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