Crossover Church Launches New Website

The Church that is home of Flavor Fest and Urban D. just got a brand new make over on the web! Their in house web designer “Spec” of has been busy working on the site throughout the summer. “It’s been a beast with all the coding, but I’m amped to see how God uses it to reach the masses,” says Edward “Spec” Bayonet (Creative Director @ Crossover). The new site includes a brand new video player page where people can watch the Sunday Night Vibe Service at 7pm EST with a new HD streaming service provider – so there will be no more commercials or buffering problems. Plus updated information on ministries, upcoming events and video footage that is documenting Crossover’s Construction Progress of their new facility. Crossover’s website has grown to reach people from all over the world as the staff frequently gets emails from overseas. This year alone the website has already received over 2 million views. “We’re excited to launch this fresh new look for the web to impact viewers with the gospel and see it put on display in excellence in an urban context,” says Pastor Tommy “Urban D.” Kyllonen.

Check out the new site at