Illtripp’s last solo album “Dialog of the Downtrodden”

The latest bomb full-length from one of the most prolific veterans of underground rap. Produced entirely by Fred B, and featuring various guest spots from the DeepSpace5 crew, this record features one raw heartfelt gem after another. Download a full preview of the album at and purchase this limited edition CD issue of the album. Raw, dusty, underground raps.

1. Introductory Musical Number
2. Drown
3. Blink
4. Bulletproof Monk
5. Bury My Body
6. Fish feat. Freddie Bruno
7. Notice
8. Another Musical Number
9. Breaks Down
10. Silent Observer
11. Desperate
12. Run Some Lines
13. Cardboard Self Portrait
14. Thousand Miles from Nowhere
15. Work For Hire feat. Freddie Bruno & Sintax the Terrific

For fans of: Deepspace 5, Labklik, Sintax the Terrific, Listener, Playdough, Mars ILL, Freddie Bruno, Beat Rabbi, Sev Statik, Stu Dent


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