Manafest releasing The Chase March 30th

After three records that received international acclaim including huge success in Japan, Juno nominee Manafest (aka Chris Greenwood) returns to partner with BEC Recordings for his March 30th release, “The Chase.” This fourth studio project is Manafest’s most aggressive and sonically evolved record to date.

“I’m really stoked to have this record teamed up with BEC Recordings again,” shares Manafest. “This is a full on rock record with a more mature sound. I am still on the chase and living out my dreams everyday with this new release.”

“The Chase” is produced by Adam Messinger (Chris Brown, JoJo, Justin Bieber) and features eleven tracks of gritty guitars, aggressive rhymes fusing rock and rap styles. The album can be pre-ordered on Manafest’s MySpace ( as well as the new song “No Plan B” can be heard. The debut radio single “Avalanche” will be impacting Rock on March 12th and CHR radio on April 2nd.

Over the past seven years, Chris Greenwood has used the moniker Manafest to organically build his fan base playing hundreds of shows on three continents. In 2006, Manafest released “Glory” from which the rock anthem “Impossible,” featuring Thousand Foot Krutch’s Trevor McNevan, became a global hit. This release dramatically increased his record sales 5x over. In 2008, Manafest followed up with “Citizens Activ,” which catapulted success garnering multiple TV placements and his overall presence in the US and internationally.

“The Chase” track listing:
1. No Plan B
2. Fire In The Kitchen
3. Supernatural
4. Every Time You Run
5. Bring The Ruckus
6. Avalanche
7. Married In Vegas
8. Renegade
9. The Chase
10. Better Cause Of You
11. Breaking Down The Walls