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Lavoisier aka The Rap Terrorist from AOmega Global Military out of Brooklyn, NY, recently dropped “The Rap Terrorist Mixtape” for our listening pleasure. This Mixtape has a nice combination of Lavoisier’s rough and rugged Christ-Centered rhymes with some banging beats that cause listeners to really think and consider the message being presented as well as keeps that head nodding to the music. Lavoisier brings to the table an 8 song project with a few well known industry beats that helps support the message of “The Rap Terrorist Mixtape” in songs like “I Get Money (That Ain’t Enough) and Lavoisier For President (The Unrepublican). Both songs are definitely ear catchers and will bring you into the zone of Lavoisier’s mindset as he expounds about his life and his total dependence on Christ. Two other standout tracks on the Mixtape are “Final Destination Remix” and “Water Under The Bridge”. In Final Destination Remix, Lavoisier challenges his listeners to think about where they would go after they die, and to be sure in their final destination. On Water Under The Bridge, Lavoisier goes in and really speaks from his heart and shares forgiveness towards those who have done him wrong in the past. It’s a real mature and heartfelt song and shows his willingness to be transparent. He does music, not for the record sells, competition or fame, but to share the gospel with those who don’t know Christ.

So definitely if you can, go check out Lavoisier and peep his Rap Terrorist Mixtape, it will do you good to hear some real “Get Saved Music” as stated by Lavoisier and the AOmega Global Military.

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  1. Lavoisiers’ lyrics are not flesh n blood but they are hard punchlines from the divine,,,,thanks for making me understand that “real gangsters die early or the go 2 jail,,if u dont recieve Christ then you will go to hell”,,Love u brov,,,may u finish strong,,

  2. Bruhhhhhh…. I’m just now hearing Rap Terrorist…. I been sleep… SMH! “I Get Money” remix I heard Armond reference it on WadeO’s show during an interview… Nice!!!!

  3. Where the mixtape at tho!? Let me hit LAvoisier on twitter. LoL

    But also let me say… Big ups to SphereOfHipHop… You been in it for a minute. I done left and came back! And ya’ll still here! Dope!

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