Album Stream: Mirko – The Grey Album

Mirko - The Grey Album

We’re big fans of grown folks hip-hop. Mirko’s The Grey Album is precisely that – an album full of topics most rappers rarely touch.

Give this album a spin. If you dig the sounds, connect with Mirko and consider supporting him on download & streaming outlets. Make sure to check the video for “Mom” at the end of the post.

The Grey Album track list
1. Good Enough (feat. Tone Jonez)
2. Bad Manz World (feat. Gideon)
3. Mom
4. Forever Love (feat. Tone Jonez)
5. Rat-Ta-Tat (feat. Deadman Walking)
6. Excuse Me (feat. Arnold)
7. Can Make You (feat. Antonio Douglas)
8. Seasons
9. Questions
10. Spit This Raw
11. Sumfin
12. Rise Up
13. 4 Ole’ Times Sake (feat. Arnold)

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About The Grey Album

Boston based emcee Mirko released a dope new project titled The Grey Album. This project is Mirko’s most transparent project to date as it shares his heart on the world we live in, personal experiences, relationships, and growth. The Grey Album’s message is that we are all imperfectly perfect and that imperfection should be normalized. Life is not all black and white. Rather, 99.9% of us live in the grey space just trying to figure what is what.

About Mirko

Mirko is a veteran Boston, MA emcee who is a part of the underground hip-hop collective Antioch Alumni. Antioch Alumni has released various projects since 2004. The Cram Session series is the most famous among them as it featured many prominent artists from around the country as well as international artists who came together annually to record a full album in three days time. Mirko released his first solo project, Righteous Hypocrite in 2011 and his follow up joint project N.E.O. Classic with fellow Antioch Alumni member UnEarth in 2013.

The Grey Album comes in at thirteen tracks and features production from UnEarth, Tone Jonez, Kajmir Royale, and Arnold. The sound of the album is boom bap with a modern touch throughout. It tells a story that every listener can relate to and tells the story of humanity as we fight to live out the grey areas in this thing called life. Mirko also serves as a Middle School Principal, is a writer, poet and public speaker. He’s committed to social justice, race & equity work and sharing both his story and journey as a means of encouragement and inspiration for others. The Grey Album is now available via all digital/online music stores as well as available via all digital/online streaming services.

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