Nomis balances reality & cynicism on “My Two Sense”

Nomis My Two Sense single

Nomis keeps it moving in 2017 with another dope track, My Two Sense.

In My Two Sense Nomis offers us a dose of reality with a tablespoon of cynicism. Even Mr. “Socially Just” himself has times where fighting the good fight leads to moments of callous frustration. Frustration with hyper Patriotism, the Church, a distorted American history, and the hard truth of watching your dreams become further and further from your grasp. Ultimately Nomis insists on continuing the “good fight” as he finds new life in the birth of his first born son.

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Audio: My Two Sense

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Lyrics: My Two Sense

Verse 1:
I feel my heart congeal and start to freeze/
I fear my heart will peel apart from me/
I feel it parked in these houses, how they treat spouses/
he was blasted across the street/
Im feeling at odds with friends I don’t often see/
Im feeling that y’all condone how the cops did Keith/
(“Nomis why you gotta preach?”)/
I see its cool for me to speak online but not on beats? WORD/
Im feeling at odds at church the Black Sheep Peer/
when folks get back from Pakistan, Iraq, they clap and cheer/
Yeah I’m glad you’re safe/
but I can’t blindly back the praise of actions made when back in action, when I’ve known your ratchet ways and how you acted here/
(But for reals though, Im glad you’re home safe),
Attracting jeers for years/
They’re ravenous, came to battle us/
aim remain the catalyst/
estranged but strangely named the same/
Panic’d and drained/
at these inanimate manikins panning for fame/
I need a healing new hope ‘cause I’m feeling like Anakin/
Im feeling like Darth the Vader is haunting, Vader is taunting/
I gave my concerns then made a response/
They painted my “Nuts”/
I kicked the canvas down, your paint of me sucks/
Im tainted and came to erupt/
On the corrupt I bang/
while bumping Kurupt, they targeted us to hang and named it “War On Drugs”/

Verse 2:
I’ve seen my path, I’m fighting natures call/
Ive seen the Graff the writings on the wall/
Ive seen them ALL scream and shout, how their team is stout/
I dreamed that route but forced to take the scenic/
I dream about my genius how/
A following brings them out, if I turned machine they’d say they seen it/
(Cyborg Terminator) NO, (so turn the fader) SLOW/
And sing this one my son I mean this/
‘Cause you know the King will come before the Kingdom comes/
I saved the fetus, rise through him, MAKE WAY THE PHOENIX/
By the day my seed is hatched imma pray they catch they need this/
Shedding the fat and asking where the meat is/