Jordan Coleman confidently vulnerable on State of Escape

State of Escape by Jordan Coleman

State of Escape is the new 5-track EP from Jordan Coleman, released Friday February 3rd. OG SOHH heads may remember him as Jordan Santana.

Jordan Coleman’s brand new EP State of Escape contains 5 confidently vulnerable songs exploring life’s journey. The lyrics address ego, insecurity, love, addiction, and even isolation. The songs are meant to be the soundscape for the listener’s escape into their own heart and head, so the imagery of Arizona’s desert landscape set the tone at the start.

The beats are unique and moody. Produced by Qlas Beats (Sweden), the layers are so creative they can’t be ignored, but subtle enough to allow the raps and melodies to remain the forefront. None of the songs run together so as to feel like the whole project sounds the same, yet each track is cohesive to the overall texture.

The project serves as a great re-introduction to the artist formerly known as Jordan “Santana,” and an intriguing introduction to first-time listeners seeking to escape what they’re used to, and try something different.

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If you dig the project, pick up a copy at iTunes.