Muhammatron’s Trending on Mars visual + EP stream

Trending on Mars by Muhammatron

Trending on Mars is the debut EP from Muhammatron. We’re digging the vibes on this one.

You may not know him for his music yet, but you may have seen his work from Propaganda’s set on the Crimson Cord Tour and Andy Mineo’s Uncomfortable Tour.

Hassan Muhammed formerly known as filmedbyh, has served as one of CHH’s leading visual artist. He has not only worked for Humble Beast, but many others within the genre.

Hassan Muhammed took a sabbatical when his father and grandmother passed away, and returns with his debut EP Trending on Mars.

All songs were written, produced, and performed by Hassan Muhammed as he gears up for a 2017 release with best friend and producer Daniel Steele.

Track listing
1. Muhammed’s Prayer
2. The Hashtag
3. Trending on Mars
4. Destiny
5. Slave
6. God of the Galaxies
7. Intergalactic Movement

Muhammed’s Prayer video

Trending on Mars stream

If you’re enjoying the project, download on iTunes.