ChrisJay’s Debut Ep The Day She Ran Away

The Day She Ran Away by ChrisJay

The Day She Ran Away is the debut EP release from Toronto based ChrisJay.

Meet ChrisJay a prolific writer and revolutionist with a heart for articulating unspoken in-depth social issues as she released her debut EP The Day She Ran Away, October 20, 2016. A rare commodity this project is intrinsically beautiful. The Day She Ran Away comes clothed in cool and melodic production and expertly crafted commodity. It is in essence a gateway through confrontation, an exit to vulnerability, self discovery and true liberation of the soul.

Possessing a history of significant contributions to various blogs, magazines, mixtapes, compilations, albums and working alongside names such as Robert Munsch, MC Lyte, Fatbeats Records and The Come Up Show her work ethic is an exemplary witness of the professionalism she encompasses. With no filters and heavily influenced by the road traveled prepare yourself for her eagerly anticipated release, The Day She Ran Away.

The album is available now at in digital and compact disc form and will be available on release with all major digital distributors including iTunes.

Audio: High