J.Kwest “I Woke Up”

I Woke Up by J.Kwest

J.Kwest “I Woke Up” (new single).

J.Kwest is back with a new single from his upcoming album, Lemonade, which will be the first solo LP for 1/2 of the Verbal Kwest team. For those that don’t know, J.Kwest has been around a while and is fresh off an EMMY-Award for his role in the video “Strange Fruit” and is also a pastor on the Southside of Chicago. He’s been busy on the streets of Chicago, and we’re excited the music is finally coming your way.

The first single, “I Woke Up,” is that Chicago soul music J is known for. Produced by Redd Lettaz, it’s an anthem for the rough day, or getting focused again when you feel overwhelmed or irritated…”I WOKE UP!”

This is a great summer record and you’ll be singing, “I woke up this morning…I woke up this morning” very soon.

Connect with J.Kwest at jkwest.com, Twitter (@mrkwest), and Facebook.

Stream / Download: J.Kwest “I Woke Up”