Nomis “Traffic (feat. John Givez)” music video

Nomis is an O.G. around these parts. His creative approach to the cause of sex trafficking is something we can support 100%. It’s nice to know there are artists creating content for the long haul, and not just a single and then move on to “regular rap”. Give this a look and please share.

Video: Nomis “Traffic (feat. John Givez)”

In a time in hip-hop where everybody is busy competing and proclaiming themselves as “king”, the actual substance of the music has continually taken a backseat. But in the vein of KRS-ONE or Kendrick Lamar, Nomis refuses to take that route and shows this to be true in his new single, “Traffic”. A video that gives you a glimpse into the harsh realities of the Sex Trafficking industry. With guest vocals by John Givez (Dream Junkies) and Co-Production by Anthony Cruz (Kings Dream Ent.), this song is truly the definition of what they call, “Edu-tainment”. “Traffic” is the 2nd single from Nomis’ forthcoming album, “Socially Just“.


  1. The concept of this video is super dope. By the end of it, my mind was blown. I love the simplicity to it. Beautifully done with a powerful message. Thank you.

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