Nobigdyl “Beauty (feat. Chad Jones)” music video

Nobigdyl dropped this music video on us a few days ago to back up the single release. How many rappers drive a tractor in their music videos?

beauty. is about celebrating the beauty of God that is reflected in all His creation. Instead of chasing the superficial and subjective beauty that is dictated by trends and media, finding the beauty of God that is literally all around us. I think that a lot of times we focus on all that’s wrong with the world and everything there is to be worried about. beauty. is a departure from that and a switch in focus to the beauty of creation, life, and salvation. There is always beauty in the midst of darkness.

Beauty Song Credits:
Produced by Flash Beats and J.Branson
Mixed by J. Branson Engineering

Beauty Video Credits:
Directed By J.Lockhart


  1. This is a great song. I wonder what’s the story behind his name nobigdyl. I also wonder why the artist chose to use animated pops ups throughout his music video. I like how the artist said “everything you made got the beauty in it” and then the artist had the rural setting and the nature aspect behind it. That was very creative. Nobigdyl and Chad featured really well together. They both compliment each other lyrically.

  2. I personally love the rural setting. I think the video complements the song perfectly. It’s an uplifting and powerful song that is meant to inspire people. The lyrical content is all about natural beauty. I think he chose to go with a rural setting for the video because it’s natural. The land hasn’t been modified or commercialized. I think he may be using land as a metaphor for people. Nobigdyl wants his listeners and viewers to know that God knew what he was doing when he created you. Everyone is naturally beautiful. This is a great song with a wonderful message.

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