Ant Coughlin “All My Life” music video

Animated music video from Ant Coughlin’s “Light Rooms, Dark Halls” with production by Wes Pendleton and cuts by DJ Average Joe.

Like each song on the project, “All My Life” is heavily influenced by a particular season of life and people who have been a part of my story. The aim of “All My Life” is two-fold; to provide a voice of hope and imploration to people struggling with addiction and serve as a commentary on the troubles of the city, particularly my city. My muse for this came from my close relationships with friends and loved ones who have wrestled with drug addiction and my own experience watching the eroding effects of heroine, prescription pills, methadone clinics and the tremendous power of shame on human identity and ambition. My heart on this song is quite simple—Your shame, pain and guilt has been taken away by Another. Substitutes for His love and grace will only leave us wanting; hence the words:

In the souls of the jaded, the devastated
from doing everything that they He hated–I see His face
portraits of His portrait, painted over with poor traits
satiated with poor fakes–forgeries of the LORD’S grace

Video Production by Andrew Zimmerman
Music by Wes Pendleton
Cuts by Average Joe

Ant Coughlin’s “Light Rooms, Dark Halls” is available now at iTunes.