Proxy “Life Changed Me” (music video)

New music video from Colorado based emcee, Proxy. His latest album “Magnificent” is available now. “Life Changed Me” has one of the better story lines for a music video that we’ve seen in a while.

“We often wait for that big moment. That life-altering event that changes everything. But I’ve found that the most impactful change happens over the course of life. Living changed me. Time changed me. Experience changed me. Most occurrences in life are common to mankind, but the difference is what we’ve done with those experiences. What we’ve allowed those experiences to do to us. Watching kids come in and out of detention centers, go through the same classes and have the same support systems, but make entirely different decisions taught me this lesson. Having the privilege to record with Ayinde again was such a joy. He is articulate and honest. The chance to collaborate with Caleb personally and musically was refreshing. Sincere and eloquent.”

“When I think back on the times of silence in my and so many biblical figures in life, I wonder why. When doing this song, I had to think about the fact that He was still speaking, but through the life He created for us. In Acts 17 Paul says God predetermined the details around our existence, all to help us want Him and only Him. When we process life through this idea, it changes everything. In him we LIVE, move and have our being.” – Proxy

Video: Proxy “Life Changed Me”