Chavez the Fisherman “Things More Real Than This” (album download)

As a fan of hip-hop music from age six, Chavez didn’t grow up in an urban environment.

Having grown up in the wealthy suburb of Scottsdale Arizona, his only hope of hip-hop credibility exists within his creativity, content and songwriting. “I am not trying to impress with my technical skill level, because thats not me, but I am trying to write quality songs that connect and penetrate.”

Chavez doesn’t rely on extremely fast technical rhyme patterns. Instead, his vision is in the songwriting itself, connecting the listener to spiritual themes and a passion to inspire others to think differently about life. The music carries an urgency and a connectedness that is spiritually and socially motivated.

“Things More Real Than This” is about transporting people to places I’ve been spiritually and mentally, knowing that if they can taste what I’ve tasted, they’ll want more.