Corey Paul “Grace Love Mercy” out now via Frontline Media Group

Southern rap is such a mixed big. Much of it very cliche and creatively shallow. The good news is that Corey Paul isn’t like the others. We’re really feeling what he does. There is a level of sincerity present in his music that we don’t see often. If you dig southern flavored hip-hop even in the least bit, he’s well worth the listen.

Check for Corey Paul “Grace Love Mercy” on iTunes.

Corey Paul “Grace Love Mercy” track list
1. Grace Love Mercy – Produced by Cheese Beats aka “Tha Kracken!”
2. EXODUS 20:13 (Interlude)
3. Black Hearse (feat. Dre Murray) – Produced by Cheese Beats aka “Tha Kracken!”
4. Ridin Round My City – Produced by Mr. Inkredible
5. Chop It Up – Produced by Peso Piddy
6. Picture Perfect (feat. Anthony Silas) – Produced by Peso Piddy
7. That’s a Trip – Produced by Hank Iving
8. Young King/Queen – Produced by Kody D
9. Tears Roll (feat. Anthony Silas & Reconcile) – Produced by Kody D
10. Kinfolk (feat. Reconcile) – Produced by Mr. Inkredible
11. ROMANS 1:21-32 (Interlude)
12. Body in the Trunk (feat. Thi’sl) – Produced by Louie Gray
13. What do You See? (feat. Dwaina) – Produced by Bruce Bang
14. STAND (feat Dwaina & Chris Davis) – Produced by Skate Bravo