Hawk House “A Little More Elbow Room” (album download)

The UK hip-hop group, formerly known as A Yellow Man, have a new drop for download. We’re big fans of the crew here and think you’ll dig the project.

The group consists of two emcees, Sam, Eman, and vocalist, Demae. The mixtape aims to take people on a journey through lyrics, melodies, and vocals.

“A Little More Elbow Room” track list
1. Quantum Foam
2. Live-ation
3. Round We Go
4. Aureolin (Interlude 1)
5. Pause
6. Tidal Tendencies
7. Plum (Interlude 2)
8. Laid Back
9. Save It For Another Day
10. It’s Everyday
11. Turqoise (Interlude 3)
12. Quark

Download: No longer available