Freestyle Fam “Just Thoughts” (album download)

Hip-Hop duo Freestyle Fam is releasing their latest lyrical tour-de-force, “Just Thoughts.” The 14-track mixtape is available for free download here at

“Just Thoughts” is yet another example of the bold lyricism for which Freestyle Fam has become known. MCs Quest the Wordsmith and Redeemed have been sharpening their skills in the NYC Hip-Hop scene in battles and cyphers for years. “Just Thoughts” is proof that all of the late night battles and cyphers in Union Square have paid off.

“We’re bringing lyricism back to the people and redefining what it means to spit bars,” said Quest about the mixtape. “‘Just Thoughts’ is a bold declaration of where few people are able to go,” he added.

The Freestyle Fam’s commitment to lyricism on “Just Thoughts” is immediately obvious to anyone who listens. Said Redeemed about the mixtape, “This is lyricism at its finest. There’s creative wordplay and metaphors that you have to listen to more than once to fully understand.”

While the lyrical skill of Quest and Redeemed is evident on “Just Thoughts,” there is also much more to be discovered in the content.

The tracks deal with the complex issues of faith and the world in which we live. These two issues collide on one track in particular, “Political Quest,” which touches politics, abortion, theology, and faith at the same time.

Said Quest about the creation of that track, “I poured my heart and soul into ‘Political Quest.’ It’s both a statement and a challenge to the listener. I wanted people to really have to chew on that one.”

From track to track, the skill of the Freestyle Fam MCs is constantly on display. From intricate wordplay to varying deliveries and lightning-quick double-time, there is a little something for every fan of lyrical Hip-Hop to enjoy and admire.

The entire feel of the album was summed up by Redeemed, who said, “Freestyle Fam brings sophisticated rhymes from the streets to your ears with force.”

“Just Thoughts” is the first of many planned releases from Freestyle Fam in 2013. They’re expecting to release another mixtape in the coming months, along with a few videos. All of these releases are building up to their first album, which they plan to release by the end of the year.

While they still have much ahead of them, Freestyle Fam has no plans on slowing down anytime soon. When asked about their bold plans for the rest of 2013, Quest responded, “under no circumstances does Freestyle Fam ease up on the throttle. This is Hip-Hop, not Gymboree.”

Just Thoughts track listing
1. I’m Good (Trip Lee Remix)
2. Yuck
3. The Fam Is Here
4. Take It To The Head
5. Stay Schemin’
6. Soldiers Here
7. What Now
8. Political Quest
9. Double Time
10. Hammer Dance
11. The Doctor
12. Ain’t Crazy
13. Tears of Joy
14. New Day

Download: No longer available


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