Armond & DJ O-Sharp releasing “Ketchup, Too” February 5th

Armond & DJ O-Sharp drop a new project on us this week. Armond states, “Ketchup, Too is a collection of records that people may have missed from the 7 projects I released from Feb 2010-Dec 2011, as well as brand new material.”

Ketchup, Too Side A
1. The Hiatus interlude
2. Side A Intro
3. Questions & Answers
4. Forever Right Here
5. Speakers On Blast (feat. Flex)
6. Chevy Impala Music III
7. When Your World Crashes interlude
8. Dreaming part 2
9. Scared of Me
10. Have It All (feat. Indefinite) [Exclusive]
11. So Help Me God [Exclusive]
12. Feeling Myself interlude

Ketchup, Too Side B
1. Side B Intro
2. Record Pools [Exclusive]
3. Stranger
4. Cuba Gooding Sr.
5. Hell On Earth 2K13 (feat. Raging Moses) [Exclusive]
6. A Different World (feat. Yaves)
7. Chevy Impala Music II (feat. J. Carter)
8. Rappity Rap interlude
9. A Tribute To DJ Gee-Q [Exclusive]
10. One Accord DJs Freestyle [Exclusive]
11. June 30th, 2012 1:32pm [Exclusive]
12. Blood of God
13. What Is Kairos? interlude