Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

You’ve got a few days left to grab some music in time for the holidays. We suggest placing your order before Friday December 21 and using the USPS Priority Mail option for the fastest delivery speed. We’re shipping the last orders out on Friday and Saturday. If you’re worried about your music getting there in time… order sooner rather than later! We’re shipping multiple times each day this week. Browse the goodness at

Not sure what to get for yourself or someone else for a gift? We’ve put together a list of ideas for you.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

1. Gift Certificates
Our gift certificates work similar to a gift card to other retailers. You can use it up all at once or spread it out across multiple smaller orders. You’re also able to always check your balance on the gift certificate page to see how much you have left.

Buy a gift certificate in any amount by clicking the Gift Certificates link at the top of any page.

2. CD Grab Bags
These are a great way to get a bunch of music for not a lot of cash. Get a 15 CD grab bag or 25 CD one. Both are packed with value and support Sphere of Hip-Hop.

3. Sphere of Hip-Hop Hoodie
Warm and very high quality. Sizes Medium through 2XL available now.

4. Sphere Logo Tee
Get a fresh logo tee to show your support of Sphere of Hip-Hop. The tess come in 3 colors (Blue, Green and Black) and sizes Small through 3XL.

5. Japhia Life’s new album on CD
In just a few weeks this release is dropping on CD format via ILLECT Recordings. You can get a copy for the same price you’d pay for just a download on iTunes. It’s limited edition and will include a CD exclusive bonus track.

6. Lecrae releases
We’ve got all the latest music from Lecrae and Reach Records available. Every title is discounted and at a nice price.

7. CD and Tee combos for $15
You’d have a tough time beating this deal. Get a CD and Tee combo for 15 bucks from these artists:

Peace 586
Sintax the Terrific
The Battery (Jurny Big & Peace 586)
Theory Hazit

8. Album Downloads
If you want your music now or don’t like CDs, we offer a growing selection of Album Downloads. Browse the selection of full length albums, EP, compilations, mixtapes and singles.

9. Deck your walls with Posters
We have a nice selection of tough to find posters. Some are very rare and we’re almost out of them.

10. Vinyl Records
Fewer artists are printing vinyl and it’s always tough to find anyway unless you’re going to shows or otherwise in the know. These are great for DJs and vinyl fans. They display great too!

11. Under 5 Bucks
Over 150 items are under 5 bucks. Supply is dwindling on most items so get what you want now!

12. Donations
Want to give us a gift? Use the Tip Jar (Donations) area to show some love. We serve people all over the world and partner with many outreaches. Help us continue that good work.

We hope these ideas have been helpful to you and we’re looking forward to serving you soon. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll help right away.

Lastly, we’ll be running some one-of-a-kind items and otherwise cool stuff via an Auction in the coming weeks. Many of these items are highly collectible and will display great.

Thanks for your support.

Josh & the Sphere of Hip-Hop team