Conquest “Radical Departure” releasing December 4 (album stream)

“Radical Departure” is the 2012 studio album from Conquest. An album that signals the start of new musical & ministry chapter for the artist born Jason Andre Roberts. The album finds Conquest preparing to depart from the things that has plagued his walk with God & his musical vision in the past. In this re-invention he addresses everything from idolatry, the ill effects of pop culture, racism, abuse, love & heartbreak & everything else in between, while stressing the need for radical evangelism for himself & others. “Radical Departure” is a musical & artistic leap as well, where east-coast boom-bap meets metalcore, where trap music has an alternative feel & 80’s pop music is sampled with a classic hip-hop drum breaks for a common purpose. There are no guest appearances on “Radical Departure”, for a re-introduction this personal, it’s only right.

Radical Departure track list
1. Radical Departure (Conquest Must Die)
2. R.A.G.E.
3. Cross that Line
4. Lyricist of the Year
5. The Machinist
6. Concealed Weapon
7. The Accused
8. Black Hole
9. Whoever You Are
10. Disposable
11. You Ain’t ‘Bout that Life
12. Shameless Promotion
13. Bryant’s Theme: Code Of Ethics II
14. Nowhere to Run

Bonus tracks (iTunes version)
15. Shattered Glass
16. Lyricist of the Year: D. Steele Version

2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16 D. Steele
7 D. Steele & Conquest
1 Eshon Burgundy
4 C.Woods
5 Kwesi Beats
8, 11, 12, 15 Top Rank

Cuts & Scratches
5 DJ Aktual