Pardon our mess! Renovation under way.

Over the next few however-long-it-takes-us we’ll be flipping things around over here. We’ve changed everything under the hood and the last part of our plan is a fresh coat of paint. You’ll see that soon.

For the next 2 months (post launch) we expect to fine tune everything on our dot com. Here is where you come in… we want your feedback, suggestions and critiques. In fact, you can send them directly to Josh via email (sphereo at sphereofhiphop dot com). This is your chance to let us know how we could make one of your ultra-mega-favorite websites of all-time.

If things change every few days, we apologize. We’ll be testing some stuff out. We expect to be finished experimenting by November.

A team of close friends have been putting in time for a minute now. Thank you to them! Also, Patrick Born is doing the heavy lifting when it comes to making the site look fresh. Major thanks to him for being so willing to give of his time.

Thanks to you for your support! We’ve been around 15 years now and hope to be around for at least 15 more.

UPDATE (Friday October 12)
We’re getting closer to launching the new site and expect to have firm date for the debut shortly.

We’ve simplified the navigation, made a mobile friendly experience and added in some cool new features (with more on the way of course).

UPDATE (Monday October 22)
We’re continuing to make great progress. A few features won’t be immediately available but we expect those to be completed shortly after we launch the new look.

Some content may be temporarily missing from the normal places you expect it to be on the current site. We’ll have that resolved once we launch.

UPDATE (Saturday November 10)
More styling of posts and other odds & ends has been completed. Let us know if you see anything out of place and/or have suggestions.

We’re keen to hear your feedback and to implement the best ideas.