Customary “Cold Drink On A Hot Day” track list and pre-orders

Customary is one of the more interesting (and hard working) unsigned emcees we’ve come across recently. He’s always working on new music and has yet to drop anything we’d consider mediocre. It’s been really nice to dope stuff so far from the Pacific NW emcee.

Off the heels of the Ace & Pearl album (preview and pick up the album) he’s got a new drop Cold Drink On A Hot Day. This is his second solo record after his 2010 debut Take Me Away. This one features beat production from himself in addition to Clutch (a SOHH head) and Sunn God. Guest vocals from JFK, Zabian and a few others.

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Cold Drink On A Hot Day track list
1. First Steps (feat. JFK)
2. Cold Drink On A Hot Day
3. Broke (feat. Darryl Answer)
4. Ms. Maybe (feat. Shaun B.)
5. Still Yours
6. The Playground (feat. Zabian)
7. Stay Here (feat. JFK)
8. Follow Me (feat. Abe Parker)
9. What’s the Deal
10. Stand My Ground (feat. Shaun B. and James Staley)
11. You Can’t Count
12. Popular Demand (feat. JFK)
13. Before You Leave
14. Ms. Maybe Remix (feat. Shaun B and Eleven)

Beats by:
1-6, 8-9, 11-14 Customary
7 Sunn God
10 Clutch