Manchild of Mars ILL releasing new album “Thunderspeak” July 4, 2012

Thunderspeak (pronounced “Thun-Der-Speek”)
Definition: Language steeped in power and authority
Origin: Unknown

“This is a title that I’ve been kicking around for quite some time for a solo project. It wasn’t until I began working on this album with Mista Min that I decided to attach that t heme to this particular record. It has been a real honor to work with Min to see this piece of music reach completion. Special thanks to Jaq, Jongenz and Fid Rizz for their contributions as well. Rest your souls. The next Mars ILL album is still coming, and it will be everything you expect it to be.

Thunderspeak is simply a piece of myself that I had to lay down before the next wave hits you. Thank you for listening and for your continued support and motivation to keep making the music that I love. Don’t sleep on Germany. European tour, anyone?” – Manchild

About Mista Min:
Born in Caguas, the Puerto Rican Native, Mista Min has been writing songs and producing records since the age of 16. The now 27 year old German resident multiple releases under his belt as either rapper, songwriter and producer. His journey has not been easy.

Left fatherless at the early age of 6 the child that would become Min, was instead raised by the rough sounds and lyrics of boombap. “I remember hearing songs from Wu-Tang, KRS-1, Nas and letting that change my world view, but when I first got a hold of Raw Material everything changed,” – Mista Min. The then 15 year old adolescent found peace in the Christ-centered lyrics of Manchild and the stellar production of Dust. Since then he has been a part of the crew concept7 in the United States and in 2008 moved to Munich, Germany to continue his musical career. Currently signed to Primatcity Music and awaiting the release of his solo EP, Mista Min teamed up Manchild and with an elite team of Germany’s best producers to make Thunderspeak a reality.

“To my Grandmother, Carmencita, you will be forever loved and remembered by those closest to you.”

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Track list:
1. Thunderspeak
2. Don’t Listen
3. Even Future
4. Regular Dude
5. Ashes
6. You Picked a Fine Time
7. Chained Melody
8. And 1
9. Falling Hearts
10. The Right Song

Beats by:
2,3,7,8 Produced by Mista Min
1,5,6,9 Produced by Jaq courtesy of Scribbling Idiots
4 Produced by DJ Jongenz for Team 70
10 Produced by Fid Rizz for Primate City Music

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  1. Very excited to hear about the New Mars Ill album. Cannot wait and already have it on my reminders. Also, I am very excited to listen to Mistamin’s tracks. Being born and raised in PuertoRock myself I have a similar testimony. Would love to talk to those guys. Mars Ill represent. I showed the track to my girl and she said she liked Lacrae better. LOL. Things never change. Keep it real!! Now for a new DS5 album.

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