pumpkinFoot Releases New Project “Questions Part IV”

Hip-hop producer pumpkinFoot has a new instrumental collection available titled Questions Part IV.

He shared a bit about himself and the new project with us…

“My name is Andy Schock and I am from Findlay, Ohio. I have been making beats since 2007. I am releasing this album which is called Questions Part IV. You could consider this album my first official reissue album. I chose to name it Part IV for simple comedy purposes of it’s nature. This humor has been used before with the movie, “History of the World Part IV” by Mel Brooks. It is really a reissue of Questions, the original album. I hand picked the best beats that I have made over the past four and a half years. The purpose of Questions Part IV was so that the focus could be on quality and not quantity. Furthermore, I am very blessed to be doing what I am doing in the Hip Hop scene, and I thank God for the musical talents He has so graciously given me.”