1773 x Trishes Release “The Luv Bug ” Album

Although it is by far the dominant topic in most other forms of popular music (and beyond that), love is not something that Hip-Hop artists talk about very frequently. There are many more rap songs about recreational drug use, material wealth, not-quite-legal activities or casual sex than there are about that other four letter word, L.O.V.E.

In comes The Luv Bug, a concept album entirely devoted to the big topic: From the sparks of initially meeting an attractive woman (Familiar Stranger) to planning the rest of your life together (Future Love), from make-ups (Keep On Loving) to break-ups (Summer’s Gone) and from fantasizing about an ethereal beauty (Out Of Orbit) to deception (Adesina), Chicago MCs Just Jay & Wisdm O.N.E. a.k.a. 1773 touch on a wide variety of subjects.

The musical foundation is provided by the other end of this transatlantic musical endeavor, producer Trishes from Vienna/Austria. He manages to create quite different vibes – from spacey futuristic Beats to almost classic Boom Bap sound and even farther back to 80s drum computer patterns – while maintaining enough of a common thread and feeling to keep the music cohesive.

All together, this is a pretty infectious record. Or, to quote from the intro: “The Luv Bug will bite you if you don’t watch out.. Watch Out!”

The Luv Bug track list
1. Luv Bug Warning (Intro)
2. Familiar Stranger
3. Keep on Loving
4. Intrulude
5. Adesina
6. Summer’s Gone
7. Winter’s Here (feat. Isis Rose)
8. What is…
9. Kinda Fresh
10. Future Love
11. Out of Orbit (feat. Natalie Oliveri)



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