Clutch Releases Beat Tape 11

I’m Clutch, a producer/emcee/spoken word poet from Canada. Originally representing Altona MB, now residing in Hamilton, ON. As a part of the crews AMU(Altonas Most Underrated) and the CDN Custodians, I’ve been making beats and writing rhymes. Production is my choice element though, if asked to either write a rhyme or craft a beat, I’m already looking through drum packs.

Beat Tape 11 is a project that came about after a lunch with some friends. After the lunch my friend Harvey Rempel took me to a record store that was having a sale. I got a box full of great stuff that he and I dug out and picked through. I set off with a plan: out of these records I would craft a Beat Tape. I inserted a few beats from my vaults and added sound clips from a few new sources. Months later, with hours of more work, here is Beat Tape 11.


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