Tru Knowledge Releases New Album

Tru Knowledge, affectionately known as TK, was born Ricardo Redeross in Philly, PA. As providence would have it, it was into the kind of musically saturated family that has been known to nurture artistic talent. Fascinated by words and melodies, long before young TK would pick up a pen to write his own he’d write and re-write the lyrics to his favorite songs from the diverse mixture of sounds in his home; everything from jazz to classic R&B and, thanks to the contribution of his older brother, Hip Hop. This became the genre through which Tru would choose to express himself. Inspired by Nas’ classic album Illmatic, TK penned his first rap in ’94 and gained some notoriety for his battle raps and freestyling ability but it wasn’t until ’99, after becoming a Christian and losing his Mother soon after, that he got serious about his music. Infusing his new found faith into his lyrics he paired it with the classic hard drums and melodies made famous by the East Coast; showcasing his music at hundreds of shows up and down the coast. Along with frequent collaborators and fellow Philly MCs Rob Hodge and Japhia Life, TK recorded numerous projects including, Wiseman Inc Presents the Jump Off (2002), The Sum of All Fears (2003), The Finals (2003). His song “Young Lion” was featured on BeatMart Records’ Best of the Submissions (2005); After his mixtape Knowledge is Power (2005), he was featured on Rob Hodge’s Born King LP (2006).

TK took a hiatus from music before returning to drop It’s Always Sunny in Philly? (2010); an ironic commentary on the figurative climate in his hometown laced with lessons learned from his life, in general. In 2011 TK dropped No More Sundays and followed up with his debut EP Introducing K.nowledge. “My music just represents my everyday life. It’s a testament to God’s grace. I boast in that. I’m not the best Christian but I serve the BEST and only God. My passion is to feed people good music.”