Q&A with Canada’s own, Die-Rek, about his music video for “Remember”

By Youngdo

Sphere of Hip-Hop: Props for filming in Toronto, rocking a Toronto Blue Jays jersey, and putting your family in the video. For those that don’t know, who is Die-Rek?

Die-rek: That’s homebase right there….it’s only right! But Die-Rek is a husband, father, teacher, leader, and artist who just wants to make an impact with the abilities God has given him.

Sphere of Hip-Hop: Are the situations you tell in this song real? Any other story you could have written about?

Die-rek: The stories are real. Die-Rek likes to keep his rhymes non-fiction, I did alter it a little bit for protection of names, but for the most part, yeah, it’s all real. Many more stories to come. Some of them are coming out pretty soon, Gotta cop the album for that (smiley face). If it’s not a situation that I’ve been through, then it’s about someone I know. Those make the best stories to me. Life is busy and exciting, there’s a lot going on, so I don’t feel like i need to make up a story.

Sphere of Hip-Hop: What made you want to write a song about this?

Die-rek: Everyone can relate to it. We’ve all had some type of situation from the past come up and try to present itself. You know the “Ohh, you’re a Christian now”, “What so you’re better than me? You’re perfect?!” scenarios. If it’s not that, then it’s something else. Then we’ve got the mistaken identity as we’ve all been mistaken for somebody before, which can be dangerous. My wife lost one of her friends to a mistaken identity situation Her friend didn’t even know the dude, so….That ain’t cool to me, but it happens so much.

Sphere of Hip-Hop: What made you want to get into music as an artist?

Die-rek: I think it was just destiny. He chose me and I accepted. It was one day when I was watching a Big Daddy Kane video that something turned on inside of me. It’s like when you’ve been working on a puzzle for weeks and you find the missing piece, that’s how I felt. It was like I knew it was me. I knew rapping was something I wanted to do and I believe God put that passion inside of me. Nobody could stir me away from it.

Sphere of Hip-Hop: Sometimes people approach faith without regard to real life (for example, God is in the worship service, but not with people at work). What role has God played in your real life?

Die-rek: He’s the Chief Rocka in my life. Everything I do He’s in it. Am I perfect? Not at all….that’s why I became a Christian. But whether I’m at work, the mall, at home, or in the car listening to music, I try to put Him first. If I fall short, I correct myself and try not to lean on my own understanding but in all my ways acknowledging Him.

Remember is the second music video from The Die-Version Project. Download The Die-Version Project right here on Sphere of Hip-Hop and watch the Grown Man Biz music video.


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