YSG-Timothy and DJ Rhino Release New 2 Man Game

After a seven year hiatus, rap music veterans YSG Timothy and DJ Rhino have reconnected to release The 2 Man Game: Run It Back project in connection with the HipHopeMusicMovement (formerly YSG Records & Entertainment).

The original 2 Man Game is a conceptual music project built around the metaphor and imagery of a basketball game. YSG Timothy and DJ Rhino creatively utilize beats, rhymes, mixing, cuts, and samples as they work their way from the pregame introduction to the postgame wrap-up. The 2 Man Game: Run It Back builds on the original concept while musically pressing through hip -hop toward a place of spiritual growth and development.

According to YSG Timothy, the project’s lead mc, “It was always a vision of mine to represent the impact that both rap music and basketball has had on my life and the hip hop culture in general. The 2 Man Game: Run it Back does that, but with a greater significance as both Rhino and I worked hard to reflect the hope that we now have in Christ Jesus through this project”.

Two versions of the project are available. The 2 Man Game: Run it Back is in mixtape format by DJ Rhino (available on CD) and The 2 Man Game: Scrimmage is available in download format from HipHopeMusicMovement.

Track listing:
1. Pregame
2. Top Score
3. Game Plan
4. Bar Code
5. Destination
6. Roster
7. Positioning
8. No Status Quo
9. Forceful
10. Invincible
11. A Good Word
12. Speak My Peace
13. That Look
14. Courtside
15. 12-0 Run
16. Dig Deeper
17. Push
18. RAW (RapAsWorship)
19. The Essence
20. Tee Style
21. Clear the Bench


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