Heath McNease featured on Relevant TV’s Studio Sessions

Heath McNease has always been interested in finding ways to adequately convey and honor the links between classic material from yesteryear and his own original material. Relevant Magazine and Relevant TV recently recorded 5 HD multi-angled videos of Heath in a live performance for Season 3 of their Studio Sessions series. They are meant to capture the artist performing their songs in the most honest and stripped down environment in order to build a stronger connection with both the artist and the material. Heath dropped in for an acoustic performance of both his own material and classic songs from decades past.

Watch Heath’s melding of Bill Withers’ immortal classic “Ain’t No Sunshine” with his own original piece “All Hail Medusa (When a Gorgon Becomes a Siren)”. Lyrics that reference everything from the T.S. Elliot poem “The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock” to the quest of Perseus in Greek mythology… Heath combines his love for Withers with his passion for archaic and sometimes blatantly buried literary references.

Relevant Magazine also interviewed Heath on the the Relevant Podcast. Listen to the March 18th episode of the Relevant Podcast.

Additional videos:
You Always Hurt the One You Love


  1. Does he have long hair or short hair? The picture and video conflict!

    Oh yeah, that rapping w/guitar was fresh. Props!

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