2010 Sphere of Hip-Hop Awards – Song of the Year

Song of the Year

RationaL – Cocaine Cowboy feat. Relic (Indie)
Shad – Rose Garden (Black Box Recordings)

RationaL – Cocaine Cowboy feat. Relic
Rasho delivers a deeply emotional story about a woman caught up in a relationship with a man addicted to cocaine. For any of us who have family members who are addicts, this one should tug at the heart strings. Accompanied by a catchy hook, this one will be in your head (and heart) for days. Watch the music video for Cocaine Cowboy.

Shad – Rose Garden
It wasn’t the banging beat or the out of control flow that made this a tie for song of the year. In a calm fashion Shad broke down one of life’s simple truths, no matter whom you are, you are going to experience some pain. It was a basic concept that was executed to perfection and in a fast food society that expects all gain with no pain it was a great reminder of how this world works. To top it all off he put together a clever video that paid tribute to the Pharcyde adding another layer to an already great song. Just remember “You never question when you get the blessings, So don’t get vexed when your life is stressed”. Good stuff. Watch the music video for Rose Garden.

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