Sintax the Terrific: Ipoet – Craig’s Got a List

Sintax the Terrific has dropped another track on his cultural and political song blog –

He has this to say about Craig’s Got a List:

Personals: Man Seeking Dignity

Man, I hate this. Hate it. I hate the public shame of it all. A congressman resigned his post last night for having been ostensibly caught advertising himself on Craigslist, the infamous online and localized classifieds. I hesitate to even cover it but for the opportunity to make sure we keep some perspective. His acts were deplorable, as alleged. He has a family and a high public duty. His position necessarily makes the story news. But, we live in a society that invites, in culture and accessibility, the behavior and then parades private failures to our mutual shame, as though we’re repeatedly stunned that it occurs. This is not a puritanical appeal to close the interwebs. Or even some self-righteous critique of the attention the story justifiably attracts. It is a reminder of the value of human dignity and privacy that must be rediscovered even as we learn to live in public.

It’s also a request to please be careful. Temptation is a lion.

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