Paradox and DJ Sean P Team Up

Paradox (dropsci.GIANTS/Team Omega) and DJ Sean P (the friendly neighborhood triple-threat, who has worked with all your favorites in one way, shape, or form) have teamed up and are well underway on a new full-length effort slated for release in late summer/early fall. While the name of the album has yet to be determined, expect an eclectic assortment of sounds and styles, as well as some good old fashioned boom bap, with all production and cuts handled by DJ Sean P. The project will also showcase a number of guest emcees, like on the first leaked track, “Here Lies,” featuring Relic the Oddity and Griffin of the Tunnel Rats, which can be heard at

Stayed tuned for more info and previews in the next few months.


  1. Thanks for the comments guys!

    If it were not for Paradox & Dustin I would not be making music right now. I really appreciate the encouragement from Dox. I think ‘Here Lies’ is one of the best songs I’ve ever been apart of, so credit goes to him for putting it together.

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