DJ Morph and Dro Team Up for Unique Worship Mixtape

Back in the day it was often said, “Everything revolves around the DJ and the drummer.” While the elements of music are constantly being rearranged, the DJ and the drummer have always stood in the gap to keep the timing strong and the records spinning.

The match up of the DJ and drummer for a concept record hasn’t been done before in the Christian music market. DJ Morph (Ramiro Morales) and Dro (Pedro LaTorre) have spent years on the road in collaboration with various Christian artists. This experience has given them a creative edge that is evident upon listening or viewing their work.

Their high energy live performance has proven to quickly grab the attention of any size audience. Filled with a dynamic combination of rhythms and creating song blending, people of all ages with unite under a single banner of worship. This performance has easily bridged the gap between the churched and unchurched. The primary focus is to take great worship music and give it a highly interactive spin.

DJ Morph and Dro have the ability to be an opening, transitional or headlining element to any venue, adjusting their performance to quickly maximize crowd participation. Their creativity has moved them into producing one of a kind mixtapes, which are hand-picked compilations of exclusive tracks, remixes and guest appearances. The focus of this concept is to inspire this generation and to impact all demographics for Jesus Christ via music and culture.


  1. Man this is hot!!! I can wait for the mixtape to be released. I wish I could see these guys live…anybody know about any tour dates? lol

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