ALERT signs to Humble Beast and Releases New Music Video

Look for their new EP release Red Opus 45 releasing soon.

Birthed from an ideal of passions past, Boogalu & Moral One left behind the industry hype, label deals and blog buzz for a different approach to hip hop music: Kingdom minded success. The past 8 years have had the pair in various groups and crews; playing everything from youth groups and parking lots to sold out clubs and European music festivals. But things are different now. Focuses have changed. Priorities are clearer.

Their musical roots cross all genres, from Ruben Blades to The Roots; Rich Mullins to Madlib, Boogalu and Moral One cut and paste their influences to create music that can’t be labeled – and the results are clear as day. The solo debut from Boogalu [also] titled Alert is an aural mural of live instrumentation, classic drum breaks and new school synths – a fitting musical bed to declare God’s redemptive salvation.

Then May 2010 saw the release of Indian Colors, 30 minutes of rightly distinct hip hop music about the amazing work God is doing in India. In December of 2009 Boogalu left on a sudden trip to India and came back with songs of transformation, prayer and martyrdom. Musically scripted by moral one using Bollywood soundtracks and Indian funk – Indian Colors is a record Boogalu & Moral One weren’t looking to make, but thus far it’s the duo’s proudest work.

Since the beginning its been a goal of Alert to build a close-knit band of brothers – and now Boogalu and Moral One are supported by Dan “Boom” Jones on the bass and AJ Alvarez on guitar. Taking the music and ministry further then the two could ever take it on their own. The 4-man team creates something truly special and unique that’s not seen in Hip-Hop today; and it’s witnessed when they take the stage and when you hear the music. Boogalu, Moral One, Boom and AJ are now in the studio creating the first fitting full band effort for Alert, and as expected – it’s something that you have never heard before.


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