4022 Initiative – January 2011 Progress

Sphere of Hip-Hop has always been about serving, giving and seeing lives changed.

I believe that the music we offer here on SphereofhiphopStore.com and feature at Sphereofhiphop.com has the power to change lives for the better. Our goal is to do more of that. The 4022 Initiative is able to do that through your support.

What Is The 4022 Initiative?
The calendar is about to flip over to a new year, 2011. I thought it to be a great idea to do something that would get some faith filled music into that hands of people who could use it. At risk youth programs, church groups, hip-hop ministries and others dedicated to reaching people with the life changing Gospel of Jesus.

Our goal is to donate at least 4,022 CDs this year to various outreaches and programs we support in almost 10 countries. Several relationships are already established and I’m always seeking more to connect with. In any calendar year to date, we’ve never donated this much music. It’s ambitious! By God’s grace and with your support we can meet or even exceed this goal!

How To Get Involved
Simply buy music from the collection on SphereofhiphopStore.com. It’s easy, you get some great new tunes and it underwrites our ability to donate at least 4,022 CDs by the end of of 2011. Each CD sold from this page will support the creation and manufacture of one CD.

There are 200+ items that qualify and you can find them on this page.

Track The Progress of 4022

Current progress: 0430 of 4022 (updated Feb. 1)

God bless and thank you for participating in 4022.