Urban D. Launches Urban Coaching Network For 2011

Pastor Tommy Kyllonen aka Urban D. of Crossover Church in Tampa (home of Flavor Fest) is launching the 2nd Urban Coaching Network on January 18th. This is for urban pastors, church planters and future church planters in the urban context. The six month network (via webinar) focuses on helping an urban church effectively get structured to reach and disciple unchurched people in their city. The network discusses vision, leadership development, discipleship, urban outreach, using social media, maximizing the arts, small groups, financial development and much more.

Crossover Church has been listed as one of America’s most innovative churches. Under Tommy Kyllonen’s leadership the church has grown from 40 to over 850 members. If you or someone you know is looking to turn take their ministry to the next level and turn their community upside down – this could be a great benefit! The group is limited – For details check out the Urban Coaching Network website at www.urbancoachingnetwork.com


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