Michael Manasseh Releasing Gradient Skies Album Feb 1

Michael Manasseh is set to release a new album on February 1st. Gradient Skies has 17 all new songs, with guest appearances from Carlitta Durand, Playdough, Sev Statik, and Oklahoma’s own Jabee, DJ Jafar, and DJ Chips. Production is handled by Manasseh himself in addition to Rob Viktum, Playdough, Doc Vile, Ob One, Dj Chips, Adam L., Saveio is Dead and Donald Woody Jr. DJ Jafar handle the engineering for the release.

Gradient Skies track listing:
1. Flawed and Beautiful (prod. by Saevio is Dead)
2. Gravel feat. DJ Jafar (prod. by DJ Chips)
3. Gradient Skies (prod. by Manasseh)
4. Release feat. DJ Jafar (prod. by Manasseh)
5. Bully Raps feat. Playdough (prod. by Playdough)
6. 6th Dimension (prod by Manasseh)
7. Where Are You Today? feat. Jabee (prod. by DocVile)
8. Reflections of A.R.T. feat. DJ Jafar (prod. by Manasseh)
9. Kick Rocks (prod. by Donald Woody Jr.)
10. Crummy feat. DJ Chips (prod. by DJ Chips)
11. Dedication feat. Sev Statik (prod. by Manasseh)
12. Hollie Jones (prod. by Adam L.)
13. Sunshine feat. Carlitta Durand (prod. by Manasseh)
14. Pocket Full (prod. by Manasseh)
15. Life Moves feat. DJ Jafar (prod. by Rob Viktum)
16. I Really Use To.. (prod. by Ob One)
17. Daytime Come (prod. by Manasseh)
Bonus Track: Reflections of A.R.T. remix by Manasseh

Pick up Michael Manasseh’s Gradient Skies at Bandcamp


  1. Wow, this is sounding great man! So far lovin’ Kick Rocks and You Today feat Jabee…but the whole album sounds so cool and so fresh! Great, great stuff, thank you!

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