Sphere of Hip Hop podcast 064

Episode 064 of the Sphere of Hip-Hop Podcast is now available. Hosted by Cas Metah of Scribbling Idiots. Most artists heard on the Sphere of Hip-Hop podcast have album releases available at SphereofhiphopStore.com.

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In this Episode
Beats & rhymes from: 2ManTrio, BC, Change, Deacon the Villain, DJ Aslan, Dust, Jurny Big, JustMe, Othello, Pigeon John, Qwel, Ruslan, Sareem Poems, Sev Statik, Sivion, Theory Hazit

1. JustMe – Serenity feat. Deacon the Villain
2. Change – Check One, Two feat. BC
3. Sivion – Life’s Bigger Than You feat. DJ Aslan
4. 2ManTrio – Aim Flash Bang feat. Jurny Big
5. Ruslan – Ain’t Ready
6. Theory Hazit & Othello – Silverback Gorilla Punch
7. Qwel – Letting Life Pass By (Ancient Astronauts Remix)
8. Sareem Poems & Dust – Listen Up feat. Sev Statik
9. Pigeon John – Before We’re Gone

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