Braille “Resurrect Me” (music video)

New Braille video for the song “Resurrect Me” off his latest album Weapon Aid. The video reflects the personal and intimate nature of the song – almost like a Psalm of lament. We pray the Lord uses this song to encourage and minister to many people.

Words from Braille

“I wrote this song during a time of loneliness and betrayal. My life as I knew it was slipping through my fingers and I was crying out to God asking him to make me new. It seemed like I was losing everything and I didn’t know how to be my “old” self anymore. I was first drawn to Christ as a teenager but after 14 years of identifying myself as a Christian – my understanding seemed insufficient. Things weren’t going how I thought they were supposed to go and it seemed like there was nothing I could do to change it. One thing I knew for certain… I couldn’t let go of Jesus, because he wouldn’t let go of me. I knew that no matter what happened, Jesus was all I needed. It’s one thing to know these truths, but when you experience it – it’s something all together different. In the process of being sinned against, I felt the weight of my own sin. I understood my need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a deeper way. I realized how self-dependent I was, and I was reminded that I couldn’t save myself. I realized it was less about my story and what I was going through – and more about the story of Jesus. How God’s Son came to save sinners like me. My idols were being smashed – to the point where the only joy and the only hope I had left was Jesus. In the last year I’ve read more books then I’ve written songs. I’ve spent most of my time parenting my daughter Gabriella and growing in the Lord at and . Ultimately, I’m thankful for the hard times I endured because God used them to bring me closer to him. I share these vulnerable thoughts and this vulnerable video with an expectancy that God will touch many people who are just like me. People who need Jesus to save them – he’s more then just a good man, good example or good teacher. He is our Savior!!! My life is not my own, it belongs completely to him. I pray God would grant you the grace to see Jesus with new eyes. I pray you would recognize your need for him and cry out for new life. I pray you become a member of a healthy church where you can grow in maturity. I pray God speaks through me even though I still feel very unlearned and unable to express the fullness of God’s glory and goodness. Thanks for watching, reading and listening — I appreciate all the support and encouragement many of you have blessed me with over the years.”


  1. what a great paradox-simple and transparent video-yet so deep seeing his pain. simple and transparent lyrics-yet so deep how he speaks for every chrstian in a time of need. Thanks braille. Thanks sphereofhiphop for this gem.

  2. True tlk!!! it is like a psalm of lament, thanks to the Lord who always stretches out a hand and lifts of out like Peter when we walk and slip…shout out to Braille always come with the true heart tlk.peace!

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