Rawsrvnt Releases New Single I Gotta Feeling

The Hip-Hop Worship Pioneer is back at it again. On Rawsrvnt’s latest adventure he finds himself taking world renowned Pop group The Black Eyed Peas’ multi-platinum song “I Gotta Feeling” along with world renowned Praise & Worship group Hillsong’s monster hit “Take It All” and artistically combined them together to meet his style of reverence and admiration for the Lord. Rawsrvnt has a knack for bridging the gap between the Church and the world and this track exemplifies his talent on a whole new level.

“Taking two songs that our culture is so familiar with and making them team up to create a worship experience is rarely done or possibly has never been done before,” says Rawsrvnt. “I believe this is something that will instantly draw people into a fun time of worshipping the Lord and I so look forward to hearing the response and impact it will have on people’s lives.”

With the help from Producer Chuck Hemann (“On Fire,” “Jesus Jam,” “The Almighty,” & more) “I Gotta Feeling / Take It All” will have people singing from start to finish and quickly become a favorite sing along song amongst youth groups all over the globe. We at Soul Deep Ministries encourage people to use “I Gotta Feeling / Take It All” to get parties started as well as to raise the excitement level in arenas, gyms, stadiums, etc. for any sporting event. Enjoy!

I Gotta Feeling / Take It All” is available on all major digital outlets (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc.).