Flavor Fest X Streaming Live This Weekend

Verizon technicians just finished installing the fios internet into Crossover’s new building. Thank you to everyone that was praying for this situation that just days ago seemed impossible. Crossover was told it would take a few weeks to get it installed if they could even do it at all. They ended up finding an old conduit and running the new lines through it… so for all of you that can’t make it down to Tampa, Florida you’ll be able to catch the action live at their websites.

Flavor Fest/Crossover was approached by a few companies to do a pay per view streaming, but decided to make it free to reach more people. There will be an option for you to donate something ($10 is suggested as that’s the concert ticket price) towards Crossover’s new building. Yes, they did move into the building this weekend, but they still owe contractors money and have to finish several things up before their grand opening on November 7th.

To watch the Fest Live tune into www.flavorfest.org or www.crossoverchurch.org on Friday Night October 8th and Saturday Night October 9th at 7pm EST.


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