Rhema Soul – Fingerprints

Independent (March 30, 2010)
Review by Bryant T.

Hip-Hop music lovers worldwide, I’m here to talk to you about a group by the name of Rhema Soul based out of South Florida. The group Rhema Soul consists of Butta P (Femcee), JuanLove (MC) and K-Nuff (MC). Over the past few years, they have been traveling the world, doing shows, dropping music videos, releasing albums and now they have hit us with their latest release called Fingerprints off of their Good City Music label.

Rhema Soul’s Fingerprints is off the charts when it comes to an album that has so much good music for you to listen to that it’s ridiculous. The lyrics, the music production, the topics are incredible and the album is just that good. If you don’t have it in your music collection, consider yourself to be truly sleeping with anesthesia medicine onboard. You can tell they have spent countless hours in the studio creating this masterpiece and after one listen to the album you will have some new anthems to add to your music players.

As “The Intro” drops, you realize Rhema Soul is very serious about bringing you that Good City Music with music production from G-Styles throughout the project. To name a few of the standout tracks, I would have to say they are “Neva Lay Low”, “Fly Away”, “Sky Not My Limit”, “Blow Your Whistle”, “Spotlight”, and “My Beat Go”. Nowadays it is rare to hear a crew of emcees ripping the mic right and with them all being nice with the vocab. They all have their shining moments on the album as they deliver refreshing and heartfelt lyrics. All through the project you hear some of what they have been through, how to appreciate having a relationship with Christ and the balance that He brings to one’s life. This message was really brought home in the song called “Champion”.

Now as we all know, every album isn’t perfect in everyone’s eyes, and this one does have its’ moments where some songs focus more heavily on the message instead of keeping the head bobbing. I wouldn’t say it’s because they didn’t grind hard enough, but I believe it was what they were targeting with songs like “I Hope” and “Save Me”. On the song “Let Me Live” they plead for everyone to stop hating, debating, and questioning how God leads them in ministry, but to ultimately know that in the end people are being reached and Christ gets the glory. The only questionable song in my opinion is how “Shorty’s Lost feat. G-Styles” actually made the album. This is not a hip-hop song at all but more of an R&B cut that might catch the listener off guard.

In all honesty, I would have to say Rhema Soul did a great job on this 15 track album and made it a pleasurable listen from start to finish. Trust me when I say you need to buy this album because Rhema Soul got some bangers on there for sure!

For fans of: G-Notes, Knowdaverbs, Grits, New Breed

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