Dave Santos to Release New Album Stages September 14

Dave Santos is releasing his debut production album on Sept. 14th, 2010 on AudioSketchBook Records.

Since learning the drums at the age of 5, Dave always had a passion for music. He was always into all styles of music, especially Hip-Hop and Rap. Growing up in church, Dave was surrounded by talented musicians. At the age of 11, Dave decided to pick up a microphone and for almost a decade he would express himself through emceeing, but something about the music was calling him beyond the words! Always wanting to produce but never having the finances for it, Dave waited until he graduated from high school to tap into his passion. With his graduation money, he invested in the essentials; an Akai MPC 2000 sampler/drum machine, a turntable and some records. (this is how it all started).

The album will feature: Shames Worthy, Propaganda, Sivion, Sev Statik, the Scribbling Idiots, Klarity, Gideon Valor, Man of War and (newcomers) Carlos Romo, Lyrics One and Darleen Mayorga.


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