parabolePOET Releasing Solo Album Matters Most

It’s hard to see what matters most. First we see it and then we don’t. Join parabolePOET on his journey as he raps his way through his struggle to see what Matters Most. With guest spots from Braille Brizzy, Propaganda and his own crew Poetic Pilgrims, he takes you through 12 songs, bringing you far and close to what matters most. Available now at iTunes.

parabolePOET – Matters Most track listing:
1. Maybe the End
2. Mind Made
3. Reach for the Sky feat. Braille Brizzy
4. Complete
5. Matters Most
6. Contribution
7. Write On feat. Kwest
8. Broken Confessions
9. Gravity Defiance feat. Poetic Pilgrims
10. Why (remix)
11. Peace of the Pie feat. Propaganda
12. Planks n Specks

Tracks 1,4, and 12 produced by BigJess
Tracks 7,9, and 10 produced by Kwest for poetic pilgrims productions
Tracks 2,3,5,6,8, and 11 produced by parabolePOET for poetic pilgrims productions
Cuts by parabolePOET
Additional guitar on track 5 by Kwest
Vocals on track 9 by Tina Johnston

Get more information on parabolePOET at Reverbnation. Pick up the new album at iTunes