Mistapool and Jupiter 7 – Keep It Movin’ video promo

This is a series of RAW shots taken from the soon to be released music video by Mistapool & Jupiter 7’s single titled Keep It Movin’. Directed by Doloto of War Tour Productions / Doloto Video. Mistapool is a producer out of Belarus (Eastern Europe), and Jupiter 7 is a San Francisco Bay Area Hip Hop artist from The War Tour Crew. Even without meeting each other face to face, together they collaborated on a project and made this album possible.

A free download of the single Keep It Movin‘ is available here on Sphereofhiphop.com

You can also get this song as part of the 2010-11 War Tour Compilation Album, which is a 17 Track sampler available for free here at Sphereofhiphop.com and Wartourhiphop.com