Clicka Klackah – Pushing Keys

Eseye/Scribbling Idiots (April 1, 2010)
Review by Ahnon Knomis

Clicka Klackah is the collaborative works of Scribbling Idiots la familia Wonder Brown and Theory Hazit. Pushing Keys is a 12 track archive with no features. Hazit on the beats, and Wonder Brown plus Hazit murdering the dirty underground beats with strong arm lyrics. Pushing Keys gets a giant head nod for an archive of material worth seeing the light of day for mass consumption. A worthwhile collection for any fan of the S.I. crew or either of these two solid emcees. Warning: your neck may hurt from continued listening.

The beats are rough and gritty. The lyrics like the beats are unpolished and raw. Neither of these were expected from a collection of music that wasn’t meant to be a label-sake release but more of a collection of music for the fans. As Theory explains on the outro of one of the tracks “alot of people know how we get down because of “Almost Famous” (song) or “The Firearms Mixtape” and “Medusa” (song) from the “Falling Tsar” (album)… Yea man we had cuts before that… We even did a video”. The first song ever written as Clicka Klackah makes its debut called “Speakdeth”.

My guess which I wasn’t able to confirm for sure is that this collection of music spans a few years of previously unreleased music which the two decided to drop as part of the Scribbling Idiots monthly EP series (an effort to release a new EP each month from the crew in 2010). This was a good idea and definitely has engaged their fans with a ton of music on a consistent basis to not only shine the artists that have been making heavy noise over the past few years (Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, Elias, Cas Metah, JustMe, MotionPlus) but to shed a spotlight on some of the other members of the crew who we may not be as familiar with.

Getting back to the album at hand here… Pushing Keys has a dark atmospheric sound to it. The beats almost reminiscent of old crews and past records like Dirt Plague, or Boogie Monsters, LPG Earthworm, or even some of the more obscure raw groups like Secta7 for example… The large dark sometimes overcrowded beats played a good back drop for two phenomenal emcee’s to spit weighty verses and smack the listeners upside their heads.

A few of the songs in the collection may sound familiar if you’ve had the chance to pick up some previous releases here or there. However for the inexpensive price tag of this digital download there is plenty of material even for the avid collector to douse their speakers with.

For fans of: Scribbling idiots, Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, Cas Metah, Deepspace5, Mars ill, LPG