Peace 586 new album aBle out July 27th

aBle is the second in a series of beat tapes from Peace 586 and Illect Recordings. The album spans over 50 minutes and blends that classic 586 boom bap sound with some mellowed out worshipful vibes.

You’ll hear several notable guests on the project including Jurny Big (LPG/Tunnel Rats). Peace and Jurny debut as The Battery duo on two tracks. Also shining brightly are microphone masters Griffin, Propaganda, Sev Statik, Shames Worthy and Sojourn. Dig deep into the lyricism and production on this one!

aBle track listing:
1. Whileiamhere
2. Say Word featuring Propaganda and Sev Statik
3. Psalm 89
4. I Try
5. I Lo Veu
6. Oooh Oooh
7. The Battery intro
8. The Battery (Children) featuring Jurny Big and Shames Worthy
9. U Got Me
10. Nevadat! featuring Sev Statik and Griffin
11. Alien Workshop featuring Sojourn
12. Spilt Milk
13. JayJay
14. Children (The Battery) featuring Jurny Big
15. Sweet Sound
16. Sseneltneg
17. Able

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